SMSAA Hong Kong 2008-12-01
Class 1968 Reunion in Hong Kong News

The 1968 Form 5 and 1969-70 Form 6 alumni held a Reunion in Hong Kong during 15-18 November 2008.

SMSAA Hong Kong 2008-12-01
SMSAA British Columbia 2007-04-20
St. Markans' News

Committee Members 2007-2009
President: Terence Teng1957
Vice-PresidentPeter Chan 1968
Secretary:Catherine Kwong1963
Treasurer:May Chung1970
Directors: Eddie Ho1961
@ Bruce Mak1962
Joseph Jue1963
David Wong1965
@ Leo Lee1967
Tracy Leung1968
Advisor: Ms. Margaret Tsang@

SMSAA British Columbia 2005-12-17
Christmas Carolling

SMSAA British Columbia 2005-12-10
Christmas Celebration

British Columbian alumni held their Christmas party at the Four Points Hotel

View Pictures - submitted by Mr. Basil Wong

SMSAA British Columbia 2005-09-16
Moon Festival Celebration

SMSAA British Columbia 2005-07-16
Summer Picnic at Fraser Foreshore

SMSAA Alberta 0000-00-00
St. Markans' News

Congratulations to St. Markans in Calgary hosted a successful reunion and a memorable event for Mr. C.C. Chan and Ms. Sylvia Lam's birthday celebration.

View Pictures of Calgary Reunion, June 30 - July 3, 2005