SMSAA (Ontario) Membership News

The Board of Directors has resolved to abolish the membership fee. The Board is aware that the role of a regular membership fee has now diminished, with most of the Association's activities being organized on a "user fee" basis. A decision was therefore taken by the Board to do without the membership fee. In other words, every St. Markan is now a life member without having to pay a fee.

Instead, the Board would welcome any donation to support the periodic Newsletter published by the Association. Since its first publication a few years ago, the Newsletter has been successful in creating a medium to report on the life and thoughts of St. Markans in North America, helping to foster a close network among us alumni. So far, we have been receiving generous donations, and we see them as great incentives for us to continue our work. These donations have also helped fund our various activities and in our setting up a web page for our Association that is now linked with the website of St. Mark's School in Hong Kong, enhancing communication among St. Markans around the world.

Jane Yuan
Director or Membership