To St. Mark's School Alumni Association (Ontario, Canada)

On behalf of the St. Markans in Calgary, we would like to extend our congratulations to your association for your 30th Anniversary Celebration. A lot of hard work and efforts had been spent on planning and organizing this event and we can foresee that the party will be joyful, meaningful and successful. Please post up the pictures or videos for us to watch at your web site.

We would also like to express our thanks to all your committee and supportive members (past and present) in the past 30 years working hard to accomplish so many achievements, like the newsletter and the web, to share with all the St. Markans throughout the world. You set goals for the other alumni chapters to follow. That's ST. MARK'S SPIRIT!

By now you should receive the two books (with most of our members' signatures) we sent you as a token to celebrate your cheerful event.

Best Wishes,
Christine Wong (Cheung Lan Yee 1962)
St. Mark's School Alumni Association, Calgary, AB