2 Weddings
Edward Chan (75)

Well, what do you know? This is Toronto, and many great things tend to happen only in summer.

Those include weddings, and for that matter, being "upgraded" to becoming mom-in-law or dad-in-law.

I have never attended wedding parties two weeks in a row. However, that happened on two consecutive Saturdays, May 29 and June 5, 2004, when two of our Directors became mom-in-law and dad-in-law.

On May 29, our President Lana's daughter, Letty, got married to Mr. Timothy Wu. The banquet took place in Hart House Great Hall at the University of Toronto - a very cozy place for such an event. Family and friends came from all over the world to share the joy. Speeches and fond memories of the young couple filled the evening, and yes, there were dances too, not only for everyone wishing to flex his or her muscles but also by the bride and groom. They had rehearsed a special dance under the direction of Lana's dance coach, and gave a perfect performance to a cheering audience. In her usual thoughtfulness, Lana had personally put together elegant souvenirs for each guest - complete with nice little gift bags.

Rev. Kenneth Fung's daughter, Anita, was married to Mr. Anthony Hung on June 5. The party was a traditional Chinese one at Century Palace Restaurant, and a big one at that. Again, guests from all over the world came to join in the celebrations. The crowd was pleased by various games played on the bride and groom. The fun was enhanced when a friend sang a rap song “in great precision? And guess what? Our Rev. Fung was a rapper himself. He had composed lyrics and, in traditional Chinese rap style, recited a “song? unplugged, telling of his joy at his daughter's wedding. Used to preaching the word of God, Rev. Fung is equally at home in words and in rap - a truly great communicator!

Our congratulations again to Lana and Rev. Fung!