A Rendezvous for the Ages

St Mark's School Rendezvous

On Monday, 2004-May-17, Ho Chi-Biu and Fung She-Har (alumni living in Hong Kong) accompanied Allison Ng, Mabel She, Violet Sae, Chiu Suk-Ming and Chan Kai-Ming (all from Toronto) to visit St Mark's School. We met at the Shaukeiwan subway station. Ho Chi-Biu then brought us to St Mark's School after a 5-minute walk.

As soon as we saw the new St Mark's School building, we became so excited that we took lots of photo in front of it (photo DSC9559).

With the pre-arrangement by Li Chan-Kuen, Assistant Principal and also a St Marken, the school security personnel let us in without much hassle. We went directly to the office, located on the second floor. The secretary was expecting us and took us into the Principal's meeting room. We sat down and enjoyed a cup of tea. Mrs. Rosalind Chan, our current Principal and Li Chan-Kuen joined us shortly after and gave us a run down of recent events (photos DSC9563 & DSC9566).

After twenty-two years of service, Mrs. Rosalind Chan will retire at the end of August this year. A Fund in her name has been set up to provide scholarships for student and staff professional development.

To commemorate St Mark's 55th Anniversary, concerts will be held on 8th and 9th July 2004 at the Kwai Tsing Theatre. The concert will feature performances by the School Orchestra, Percussion Band, Military Band, a solo performance by Stella Tse (??? ?), the Alumni Choir, and the musical “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat? A Farewell Ceremony to Mrs. Rosalind Chan is included in the show on 9th July 2004. A dinner in her honour will be held on 14th July 2004 at the Marriott Hotel. (Contact Li Chan-Kuen at HK telephone number 2560-1262 for further information)

The next Principal has already been selected. The official announcement will come after the hiring is approved.

Then Mrs. Rosalind Chan and Li Chan-Kuen gave us a tour of the school: library (photos DSC9571, DSC9574, DSC9577 & DSC9579), chapel (photo DSC9588), computer lab, physics lab, chemistry lab, audio video lab, etc. Students and staff can use the audio video lab to edit digital movies to produce films.

Ho King-Yuen, Assistant Principal joined us in the later part of the tour. Mrs. Rosalind Chan treated us to a dim sum lunch in a nearby restaurant. We had a good time sharing the food and conversation. After retiring from St Mark's School, Mrs. Rosalind Chan will take a cruise holiday and then become the Principal of a new school. We wish her well in her new endeavor.