Vancouver Campers
Dennis Ho '64 B. C.

On August 6 2004, bead-sized raindrops pelted our windscreens as our vehicles raced towards Manning Provincial Park. Our working committee members began to worry that their preparation would be spoiled. The 70 alumni campers might even blame them for failing to secure fair weather for such a big event.

The campers hoped that nature would be soothed if we grilled the most fragrant sausages, played the softest music and warmed the earth with a glowing campfire. It worked. On the second night, the sky was adorned with a myriad of stars on the Milky Way. It was so beautiful.

Canoeing on Lightning Lake walking in the morning haze along Strawberry Trail and hiking up to a sub-alpine meadow where nutcrackers flew and paint-brushes danced in the gentle breeze, we almost forgot that we were in an area that was under 1000 metres of glacier only 10 millennia ago.

Our report would not be complete without sharing with you the good news that our three alumni are recovering well from their recent surgery. They are Terence Teng, our President, Kenny Wong, Past President, and Benny Tsui, Director on the executive committee.