Reunion + Birthday Celebration - July 2005
David Tang '62

Yesterday the president of our alumni association in Toronto, Ms. Lana, urged yours truly to send in an article regarding the alumni reunion held in Calgary on July 2nd of this summer for the newsletter. I sent a reply right away saying very politely and sincerely that a man of my calibre would in no way be able to write anything good enough for the newsletter, but she just would not take no for an answer, despite my feeble protest. Of course I remembered that Allison had requested me to do the same before she went back to Toronto with her husband, Pat, and my better nature prompted me to keep my promise.

Today my better nature puts me to work!

Back in 1996 when we, the Calgary folk, held our first SMS North American Alumni Reunion, a large group of people from Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton as well as the United States came to our city and we met for the very first time since we left school in HK. We didn't have any singing, dancing or performance of any kind, but we had a lot of fun just meeting and talking with one another. What a wonderful time that was!

Five years later in the summer of 2001, we met again our small city. This time we were introduced to Tom Ng, who put on a fantastic show for our 10th anniversary celebration. The wonderful poem written and presented by Allison was both remarkable and unforgettable! And the team from Vancouver, headed by Virginia and Eddie, brought their classical Chinese Fan Dance group to perform for us. That was also the first time we were treated to the beautiful voice of Samantha Siu.

Armed with the great experience of those two gatherings, the Calgary alumni once again had plan for another big party. Although once every five years is a good idea for a reunion, that means we would not have one until 2006! Somehow we wanted to host one this year. The year 2005 happens to be the year in which our two teachers, Ms. Sylvia Lam and Mr. C.C. Chan, are having their 80th birthdays. "What are we waiting for?" we asked. "Let's have a big bash!"

"Let the talents meet here in Calgary to celebrate our teachers' birthdays" was the theme for the reunion. Celebration was the driving force behind our effort. To repay our mentors with entertainment and gifts from our hearts was our goal. The local alumni's achievement was met with great support from alumni all over the world. Former fellow students came from as far as Shanghai and Hong Kong, China, from Edmonton, Regina, Vancouver, Los Angeles and of course, from your city too.

There were touching moments at the party but most of the night was filled with laughter and applause. The Calgary locals didn't perform much because whenever Tom Ng was there, he stole the show, and when Rev. Kenneth Fung was included in his show alongside with his four gorgeous assistants, it was just dynamite! After we tired Tom out, we turned our attention to Vancouver's Samantha Siu and Margaret Kwok. Their lovely voices filled the nights air with songs that still resonate in our ears to this day. Who can forget Catherine Kwong's Latin dance performance of the Rumba! To many, that was the highlight of the night!

Representatives from other cities gave remarkable speeches. Hearty thanks and deep appreciation for our teachers' guidance over the years were given in different forms, ranging from toasting to songs of praise! Bernard Lau from Hong Kong, remarking on his marriage to his classmate, Elsa, reflecting the teachers' influence, was so hilarious we all thought he's a comedian by profession.

The night was spectacular in its programs and sensational in many ways. It was a moving birthday celebration in the wonderful world of friendship and another great reunion! The party ended with all of the participants singing together the song, "For they are the jolly good fellows!"

While Ms. Lam and Mr. Chan showed their appreciation and gratitude with tears in their eyes for your presence at the party, the alumni here in Calgary want to show ours with sincere thanks to all of you participants for your great support and also for taking part in the programs for the celebration of our teachers' birthdays. We owe you our success in hosting this event. May you all stay healthy and be happy in every endeavor you engage in now and in the future!