St. Markans at a Chinatown Cafe
Dennis Ho '64

"We can't always go by the graduating year," Granger of 1962 said. "I know friends delaying their graduation in order to join their best chums who did not qualify for promotion."

David of 1965 responded somewhat quietly, "I stayed one more year because my girlfriend was one grade lower."

E & OE

As my sedan hits the quarter of a million kilometer mark, I can boast that I am comparable to the scholar who has studied 250,000 books (Chinese idiom).

Our biggest blessing is that we, as St. Markans who graduated from that modest school in Shaukiwan, can still heartily exchange stories of those yesteryears. The setting is very ordinary. Which town doesn't have a main street, a cafe?

This article comes from the alumni who came to Vancouver from that distant land in the Orient. With minor rephrasing of the song from "The King and I", this greeting is sent to you: Hello dear St. Markans, wherever you are, may your troubles be few.

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