Celebrating St. Mark's Day 2006
Celebrating St. Mark's Day on May 6, 2006

Edward Chan '75

More than 100 alumni and their families turned up on Saturday May 6, 2006 to celebrate St. Mark's Day in Toronto. The celebration took place over luncheon at New World Palace Restaurant.

The overwhelming response was a cause for celebration in itself. The event was conceived late in March, when our President, Lana, broached the idea. It was early April when details were finalized. As several Board Members were not in Toronto, the rest of the team planned vigorously to get the word out. Everyone involved worked hard to make phone calls. Thanks to Rev. Kenneth Fung’s social network, the event also got advertised on Fairchild TV. The TV announcement proved effective, as did the effort of those who made the calls. When the results eventually came in, the Board members were amazed with the number of participants. The figure well exceeded their expectation. Lana had to arrange with the restaurant for extra space. In all, 12 tables were occupied by alumni and their families taking part in the event.

Everyone had a great time. Amid exchange of news among friends old and new, Rev. Fung reminded us of the life of St. Mark and the day that bears his name. Tom Ng, who had just come back from Hong Kong, talked about his interview with Ms. Brenda Mau, the new principal of St. Mark’s School, and showed the audience a video of the meeting (Stay tuned! A report of the interview will appear in the coming issue of the Newsletter.) We even had a lucky draw for some St. Mark’s memorabilia.

Among the participants were two alumni of Class ’81 who attended our function for the first time, thanks again to the TV ad. We were also delighted to see St. Markans visiting from overseas, one of them from as far as Copenhagen, Denmark. A warm welcome to them!

What a joyous reunion it was! For those who missed the fun, come and join our BBQ Party in August!

Celebrating St. Mark's Day 2006
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