Lana Hsu ¡¦64
by Raymond Kong ¡¦71

R: Hi Lana, how are you to-day?
L: I am very well, thank you. I am excited because this is the first time in my life to be interviewed (like a star)!

R: Can you share any frustration that you encountered in the last few years as president of SMAA?
L: I feel extremely frustrated when I am unable to recruit the ¡§younger generation¡¨ to our association. If we want the association to be stronger, we must have new blood.

R: If you were invited to make a speech to the current students at St. Mark¡¦s School as the president of SMAA, which topic would you choose and why?
L: I would like to talk about ¡§St Markan¡¨ and the importance of building a good relationship with one another when at school, after leaving school and when we meet again overseas.

R: When and why did you come to live in Canada?
L: I came to Canada in 1986, wishing to give my two daughters a better future, and my wish has come true. I am glad that I made that decision.

R: If you were given a choice, (in your next life) would you like to be Chinese again and why?
L. Yes, I would like to be Chinese and female again. I think that the position of the Chinese is strong and they command respect by all. Caucasian has always been misinterpreted as ¡§superior¡¨ by other nationalities and therefore I feel that most of the time people seem to be afraid to get close to them. NO, NO, I don¡¦t want to be ¡§kwai lo/po¡¨. Also I don¡¦t want to be a third world national because they are often treated unfairly by others. I am very proud to be Chinese.

R: What kind of weather best describes your temper?
L. Sunny with occasional showers.

R: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
L. Making dessert for others but not for myself.

R: There was a classic movie entitled ¡§Charade¡¨ in the sixties in HK. Its stars were Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant. Can you tell me the title in Chinese?
L. ªá³£©_¹Jµ²¨}½t

R: What is Marilyn Monroe¡¦s real name? (hint: from one of Sir Elton John¡¦s songs)
L. Norma Jean. Among all the songs by Sir Elton John, ¡§Candle in the wind¡¨ is my favorite.

R: If you were given a hundred million dollars to upgrade yourself, besides dancing, what would you like to learn and how would you spend all that money?
L. Wow, there are so many things I would like to do and buy¡KWell, if you want me to choose one, I would like to learn to be an interior decorator. When I was working at the Hong Kong Bank in Hong Kong, my job was to arrange accommodation for expatriate staff (including the chairman), which involved finding a house, decorating and furnishing it with all household items with a ¡§generous budget¡¨. I was thinking how wonderful it would be if I could have a ¡§generous budget¡¨ and do it for myself. Thanks for making me relive my dream.