Ng How-Sheung ・62 (Allison Chan)
by Chan Kai-Ming ・64

K: When and why did you choose to study at St. Mark・s?
A: The year1957. My residence was on Shaukiwan Road but I was assigned to a high school far up on a hill overlooking the seashore at the western end by the Hong Kong Education Board after my Primary 6 Open Examination. I happened to find out that there was a new school across the street from my home. I applied and passed the school・s entrance exam and was happily admitted as a Form 1 student to St. Mark・s.

K: What House were you in and who was your Squad Advisor?
A: The House of Mars, Squad 5; my Squad Advisor was Mrs. Ruth Wong (Kwok Sheung -Man). She was a soft spoken, kind-hearted lady. Perhaps that・s why her nickname was :grandma;. She was my English teacher for some years as well. She was very fond of me. I remembered and respected her deeply.

K: I understand that you were a registered nurse. Can you tell us something about your training?
A: I joined the Government Nurses・ Training School after graduation from St. Mark・s in 1962. I became a student nurse at Queen Elizabeth Hospital and started my career there. We spent 3 months in full time study, followed by 3 to 6 month・s practical on the job training in various wards for each of the specialties: Preliminary, Surgical, Medical and Final. It took us four years to complete the general nursing course to become a registered nurse and another year of midwifery be a registered midwife. I learnt that the system has been changed.

K: Please tell us something about your family.
A: Patrick and I have 3 daughters. The younger ones are a pair of twins. They are all married and we are expecting our first grandchild in 2007.

K: When did you immigrate to Canada? Have you ever worked here?
A: Our family came to Toronto in January 1989. I worked as a registered nurse in a long- term care facility after passing the Nursing Exam in Ontario. I worked for 7 years before taking early retirement.

K: Is Chinese your favorite subject? Who were your Chinese teachers?
A: Yes, I have enjoyed reading Chinese books as well as newspaper articles and stories since childhood. Mr. Pak Man Ying and Mr. Lin Po Yee were my Chinese teachers.

K: which of the poem that you have written is your favorite?
A: Honestly speaking, I am too lazy to write long paragraphs. Actually, those short sentences with rhythm written by me do not qualify to be called poems. They are only a simple way of expressing my thoughts and feelings .However, they come from my heart and I would like to share them with those who are interested.

K: Who is your favorite poet?
A: The poetess M罫. I enjoyed reading her poems when I was very young. I was touched by her expressions of happiness and sadness from a feminine perspective.

K: How do you find serving on the editorial board of the St. Mark・s School Alumni Association (Ontario, Canada)?
A: It is an honour and my pleasure to be able to work with schoolmates of different years. We have developed very good friendship, mutual support and understanding through meetings and various activities. The production of the Newsletter bi-annually requires a lot of time and dedication from the committee members. The contributions, both literary and financial, from alumni worldwide play an important part in its success. I wish to thank them for their support.