Ellen Cheung (Kong Wai ¡VYee) ¡¦64
by Helen Tio ¡¦69

H: What do you like best about St Mark¡¦s School?
E: Its spirit and discipline.

H: Why do you serve as a St Mark¡¦s Alumni association committee member, giving of your time and supporting it financially?
E: I joined the committee after my retirement. It¡¦s been 4 years now. We have a good president and all the team members get along really well and are very co-operative.

H: What is the most difficult task you have encountered so far as Treasurer?
E: The only difficulty is when we have a deficit in an event. Next is getting more alumni to join in.

H: Where does the funding come by without membership fees for a few years now?
E: It comes from donations by some of the alumni, generous committee members and our president. The Alumni Association of BC has also contributed towards our newsletter publication, for which we are thankful.

H: Besides the many hours of editing, proofreading and type-setting contributed by our committee members, what is the cost of producing the bi-yearly newsletter and the website charge?
E: Let me see (taking the balance sheet out of her ¡¥plastic bag¡¦ brief-case): postage, printing charge and website fee, all together came very close to $1,000 last year.

H: In your opinion, how can we attract more alumni to participate in our events?
E: Lower cost events like our last St Mark¡¦s Day dim-sum lunch and the half-day BBQ are good attraction. About 110 showed up for dim sum, all St Markans.

H: How long have you been living in Canada and do you like it better here than in Hong Kong?
E: 21 years. I like Canada better than Hong Kong because all my family members are here.

H: How can you and your husband retire so early?
E: It took years of planning ahead early in life.

H: You and your husband travel quite a bit. Is there any place you would recommend?
E: I like China and Europe. They have lots of historic and architectural structures. Also, there is plenty of magnificent scenery.

H: Can we count on your support in coming to our events even if you are no longer one of the committee members?
E: For sure (in a loud and clear voice)!