Helen Tio (Fung Heung Lan) ・69
by Miranda Kwan .65

M: What did you have for breakfast?
H: 3 cups of coffee. I started drinking coffee when I was 11. I like the smell of coffee and I picked up the habit because my grandpa had a restaurant which served coffee every morning.

M: Favorite brand of coffee?
H: Nabob. Starbuck・s is too strong and I usually add water to it. McDonald・s coffee is good too.

M: When did you come to Canada?
H: I came in ・71. I went to Edmonton first to study pharmacy, then Montreal for computer and pharmaceutical studies. I settled down in Toronto. I never practiced what I learnt though.

M: Why did you go to St. Mark・s?
H: I was assigned there by the HK Education Board after my P6 open examination. St. Mark・s was an accidental choice. I was a tom-boy and wanted to study in a co-ed school. The primary school I attended was all girls・ school.

M: Who was the teacher who impressed you most?
H: Mrs. Daisy Leung taught me Biology. I liked her and she liked me too. Jokingly, she called me daughter-in-law because she said I would likely give birth to many children!

M: Are you a morning person or night owl?
H: Night owl. I usually go to bed at 1 or 2 in the morning.

M: So when do you go to work normally?
H: I worked for my husband so it was flexible. I am retired now.

M: What do you do in your spare time?
H: Investment. I surf the web to check the stock market, get financial data and also do some charting. I didn・t have any formal training and paid a lot of :school fee; for my investment by losing a great deal of money!

M: Trading or investment?
H: No day trade, though I tried that. My .investment・ is usually 2-3 weeks or 2-3 months.

M: What do you do on St. Mark・s Alumni Association・s committee?
H: I am Tom Ng・s assistant for social events.

M: If you were to start all over again, would you still do the same thing?
H: Yes, I am happy with what I have today and don・t want any change.

M: What is important in your life?
H: Health, relationship and money.