Jane Marie YUAN, Lai Kwan '63
by Allison Chan '62

A. Please give us a simple account of yourself.
J. I graduated in St Mark's in 1963. Got married 2 years later. Since then, I had been a domestic worker and a baby sitter. If not for teaching at a primary school as my main career, I would be a professional 'yellow faced woman'.

A. I always see you as a charming, amiable and easy-going lady. Can you tell me what you think of your character?
J. Thank you for the compliment. I am only ordinary. Not much difference from the others.

A. Between Canada and Hong Kong, where do you prefer to spend your retirement?
J. I have lived in Canada since 1991. I love this country. I think I would stay here for the rest of my life.

A. If there was a choice, what gender would you prefer to be? Male or Female, and why?
J. A 'MAN' , I would say, because I've never been being a man all this life.

A. I observe that you usually do the right thing at the right time, and say what is most appropriate. Do you think your EQ is high ?
J. Ha ha~ whichever EQ or IQ is concerned about me...my answer would, no doubt be.. 'Hi' la~

A. I understand that you travel a lot. Can you tell us the most memorable journey?
J. Indeed, I do travel a lot, Allison. But, it's always like repeating the same several places.

I remember it was in the early 80s: We, a family of 5 (my husband + me + my 3 sons) went to Nigeria. In those days, the Nigerian domestic airlines were not very well organized. People had to be at the airport few hours earlier in order to catch the flight. Nobody could be sure how much time he/she had to wait for boarding, so very often we had to prepare some snacks and drinks just in case. Once the boarding gate was opened, every passenger had to run fast, fighting for his/her way to board the flight, because it was always over booked.

There was one time: After waiting, can't remember for how long, we managed to get on the plane finally. I and my 2 sons got seated by the help of my husband. He then quickly threw his brief case into a seat 2 rows ahead of him. Then my eldest son got the seat, leaving my husband himself standing there. No time for more considerations, he ran to the toilet door and openedíKThere, he found a big, fat, black woman sitting inside already! Mo-fa-la~ he had to disembark!

A. Which season of the year you like best, and how do you enjoy it?
J. In Canada, I like spring very much. I like to watch the plants budding, especially with trees.
It's so amazing to watch them growing in no time from a wee bit bud to a tiny leaf, in just over-night. They give me the feeling of 'LIFE'!

A. I know you are leaving the committee. Can you give us some advice?
J. OhíK I was never a very good committee member. I do feel ashamed.
I have to leave SMAA committee due to personal reasons. I have served in the committee for 4 years, which I never regret doing so. Each time when meeting together with the others, I always had the feeling of 'those- good- old- days'! It's fun! That's why I sincerely hope that more alumni could join the association, either of being in the committee, or just for functions. It's very worth the doing so.

A. What would you like to do most at your leisure time?
J. I enjoy meeting friends, and trying around different kinds of food together with them. Oh, by the way, can I introduce you my pet, MoMo? I named her MoMo because she is very hairy. She is 14 years old. She doesn't look that senior, does she? In fact, she's still pretty 'jing-ling'. .. Yes! I spend quite some time with MoMo, too.