Mabel SHE, Mee Ping ・65
by Jane Yuan ・63

Mabel is a very pleasant lady. Very career-minded, too.

Many a time, I wanted to ask her how she managed things so well, but never seemed to have the right moment. I have known Mabel since I was in school, but never got to know her well before joining the St Mark・s Alumni Association (SMAA).

I am so happy to have the opportunity today to interview our SMAA webmaster, Mabel.

J: In which year, Mabel, did you graduate from St. Mark・s?
M: Don・t want to mention the year. It・s time for our class to organize another big reunion.

J: What made you come to Canada?
M: The Chinese have a saying, :Youths don・t mind the Tigers;:. Nearly 40 years ago, I told my friend where I was going V :Toronto;. They would ask, :Where?; Vancouver and Montreal were the two cities that people were familiar with back then. Toronto did not become known until the late seventies and eighties, thanks to the immigration of good Hong Kong chefs and the TV media to our city.

J: Are you still working on a full time basis?
M: Yes, I am working full time at home and part-time at work.

J: What do you usually do after work?
M: Gardening, cooking, dancing and travelling.

J: I understand, Mabel, that you are very capable in managing both your family and work. How do you schedule your time?
M: Planning, planning and planning! Getting up early helps too.

J: How do you think a woman・s life should be like, stay at home or having a career?
M: I am a strong believer in family first, career second.

J: Mabel, if you live to be 120 years old, what would you fancy doing and why?
M: Buy a ticket, hop on a spaceship like the Dallas businesswoman and take a trip to the space station. Hopefully, by the time I reach 120 years old, I have travelled to all the places that I wanted to visit if I start doing it now. Also, I hope my joints and limbs can still function in the zero gravity environment. It is all wishful thinking. I can・t afford the $20 million price tag.

J: Thank you so much for your time, Mabel. I wish your dream would come true.