Miranda Kwan Tai Kin ・66
by Ellen Cheung ・64

E: When did you graduate from St. Mark・s School?
M: the year 1966. Actually, I didn't graduate from St. Mark's. I left after Form 3 in 1964 and continued my secondary education at Maryknoll Convent School. The latter was closer to my home as I lived in Kowloon.

E: Why did you choose to study at St. Mark・s?
M: I was assigned to St. Mark・s by the Hong Kong Education Board after my Primary 6 Open Examination. My primary school was a Catholic school and most of my schoolmates were assigned to St. Mary's by default. I had to double- check with the school board back then that the newspaper had not made an error in the print. In hind sight, I am very glad that I went to St. Mark's. Those were the days I will remember for life as some of the best.

E: Who was your favorite teacher at St Mark・s and why?
M: Miss Wu, our Music teacher, had a sweet smile all the time and was very personable. She was also my squad advisor (Mercury squad 1). She had a heart for music and was very knowledgeable. Another one is Dr. Chin (the bearded man) who taught English. He was a wicked guy who gave nicknames to everybody and made learning such fun. His class was always full of laughter. So despite his sometimes 'mean' jokes, I still liked him. I learnt a lot from him.

E: Which subject did you dislike most?
M: Domestic Science. May be it・s because I didn・t have the knack for it. This was the subject which lowered my general average and I wished I had a choice of subject at that time. Nonetheless, I appreciate it more now after coming to Toronto because it is just a part of your life.

E: Which was the most embarrassing experience you had in school?
M: Once during a music class, I had to recite a song together with my classmates. I forgot some of the lyrics so I just pretended to sing along without actually singing. Unfortunately, Miss Wu noticed that and taught me a lesson. I had to sing the song in front of the whole class all by myself. May be it was a punishment for the others as well, as my voice was terrible.

E: What do you do in your spare time?
M: Hiking, shopping and watching movies.

E: What kind of movies do you like most?
M: Epic and drama

E: Do you like travel?
M: Very much, it is my to- do list when I retire.

E: Which place would you like to visit most?
M: I love the scenery, culture and history of China. History is one of my favorite subjects in school. Visiting South East Asia is also good and economical.

E: Why did you join the St. Mark・s Alumni committee?
M: I was introduced to the committee by Jane Cheh, one of the members of the committee. I was greatly impressed by the genuine interest and enthusiasm of the committee members to make St. Mark's Alumni Association such a success and bring so much fun to all. I thought, if given a chance, I should contribute something back to the alumni association.