Raymond Kong ・71
by Edward Chan ・75

E: Why did you choose to study at St. Mark・s and in what year did you graduate?
R: I studied at St. Mark・s because my elder sister, Ellen Kong, had studied there. Also, my family lived in the nearby Ming Wah Building. I graduated in 1971.

E: Who was/were the most memorable teacher(s) at St. Mark・s, and why?
R: The most memorable teacher is Mr. C.C. Chan. I was in the Arts class, and he was our form teacher in Form 4. I remember the way he taught. He really aroused our interest in studying Chinese.

E: Would you have liked to study at another secondary school, while you were studying at St. Mark・s? Why?
R: No. Why would I? I was happy at St. Mark・s.

E: When and why did you come to live in Canada?
R: I came to settle in Canada in 1986. I had studied at the University of Manitoba, and liked the Canadian environment. I came also because of the 1997 issue in Hong Kong.

E: Can you briefly describe the work you are doing?
R: I work for charitable organization, in the accounting and finance department. It is important for a charitable organization to account for every dollar spent. The mission of the organization is to raise funds for Canadian schools, making sure that students have proper breakfast before school starts every day. The organization also provides nutrition education, and sponsors nutrition campaigns.

E: What did you learn from St. Mark・s that are helpful to deal with your work?
R: The House System at St. Mark・s enabled me to learn about teamwork and how to get along with people. These qualities are invaluable in my work.

E: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? What experience can you share with us?
R: I used to enjoy ball games when I was younger. Now, I enjoy watching movies (particularly classic oldies) on DVD and listening to music in my spare time. I recommend music to everybody. It helps one to relieve stress.

E: Now that you are involved in our Alumni Association・s operations, why do you think other St. Markans should join in our activities?
R: I now realise the hard work of the Board members. They are making every effort to maintain a close relationship among the alumni in a foreign land. I think all St. Markans should treasure this Association and its activities.

E: If you were asked to say a few words to current students at St. Mark・s, what would you share with them?
R: I would still offer that old saying to them, especially to those :under-achieving; students, and that is, :Academic results are not the ultimate criteria;. A person・s abilities and potentials often do not show up until after he or she finishes secondary school. They are often revealed when that person is studying at a university, or working in society. That happened to me.

E: Would you recommend that current St. Mark・s students come to study or work in Canada? Why?
R: If you had asked me this question 20 years ago, I would have said yes. A student・s life in Canada would have given you the chance to learn better English and gain more foreign experience. That is, of course, provided that your family had the financial means to support you. But now, I am not so sure because there is a lot more university admission in Hong Kong, so the competition is not so great. Also, university students in Hong Kong are now more likely to tap into the countless opportunities in China.