Music from a popular hymn ¡§Work For The Night Is Coming¡¨

Leslie W.L. Chung, Toronto, 12-31-2006

Walk, for the night is coming.
Walk hand in hand with God.
No matter how the world turns,
His kindly light leadeth me.
When family seniors are gone,
And elderly friends are few,
Old age can not be lonely
With God, at my pew.

Life is A WALK of ups and downs;
Wealth, fame and power are clowns.
But my faith in my dear Lord
Brave and strong maketh me.
When I lay low in hospital,
His healing hands touched me.
He helped me out of sick bed,
Nurtured my hope, joy and peace.

Walk, for the night is coming.
Walk hand in hand with God.
I raise my head and look yonder
There is the promised land.
All my life is His design;
I tightly hold His hand.
My purpose of life is one:
To walk with my Lord.

Note 1 : At home, after release from hospital, I was advised by mindful visitors to WALK AND WALK to restore my health. Their advice motivated me to write this hymn/song on 29 Nov 06.

Note 2 : I did not like the word ¡¥FULL¡¦ in Verse 2, line 1 because it seemed sort of an exaggeration, and was at a loss to find a replacement. In fact, life does have periods of Joy (to the world..) and peace (on earth..)! At dawn, Sunday 31 Dec 06, suddenly 'A WALK¡¦ came into my mind. A WALK is a path for walking, is also a walking journey. Life is just a brief walking journey. All the world is but a stage, with clowns of all types. God Knows Us By Our Walk. Why not - Walk hand in hand with God. Why not !