My Fond Memory of ¡V Rev.  Canon James Pun

Anita, Chan Lung-Lin         ¡¥63         Hong Kong

{ Father in haven who love us all, who help thy children when they call¡K¡K} St. Markans, do you remember this song? I am an old St. Markan, my examination number 63007. You can tell which year I entered school. I was studying in Form1A and was one of the ¡§poor¡¨ students. What do you mean by ¡§poor¡¨? I think you must understand that some students paid only $10 per month as school fee. It is one of the benefits in our school.

One Autumn festival night, I was being invited to a party held by Rev. James Pun. I was deeply impressed by his love and care towards ¡¨poor¡¨ students. We enjoyed the party very much. At the end of the party, a whole Moon-cake was given to me to take home. At that time, a moon-cake was very expensive, our family could not afford to buy one for me. I treasured it very much.

Rev. Pun was so considerate and thoughtful to us. He set a good example to me. We must love and care for others especially to those who are in need. This caring attitude helps me to become a nurse who likes to serve people as a profession.

Years later, I became a Christian. Our Father who loves, cares and looks after me and waiting for me patiently for a number of years (1958-1996). I am very thankful to God. The Lord has his plan for every individual. A Christian school, a teacher, a headmaster, a Christian? Who is your angel? A mother school that nursing you when you are young is the most important factor. For me, I must say a big ¡§ Thank You¡¨ to our Headmaster Rev. Pun.

Dear friends, it is only a piece of memory in school that I would like to share with you. I am a retiree, I retired from Dept. of Health in 2000 in HK. Thank you very much for Allison's invitation to give me this opportunity to write something to share with you - old friends. I still have a lot of memory in my mind, I would like to share them later.