BBQ at Milne Dam Conservation Park 2007

Alex Yu      71                Toronto

This year the annual St. Mark's alumni BBQ took place in the Milne Dam Conservation Park around McCowan Road and Highway #7 area. It's different from the Mississauga location we been using for the last 3 years in a row. As usual, it took a lot of time and energy of the organizing committee to prepare for the event.

Everybody arrived between 10 am. to 10:30 am. with around 70 V 80 people in total. It was a sunny day and we were lucky to have picked a location with lots of shades. We even had one person coming from Hong Kong. Unfortunately, only one of our teachers/staff - Mrs. Ho Liu Kwai-Sum - made it this time. Being a parent with grown up children, it's so nice to see some alumni shown up with their children and some even with grandchildren.

After settling down, we started the actual BBQing. Being a cook for two years in a row, this year with the rental of two huge and proper outdoor BBQ stoves, things went a lot smoother.

Steaks, lamb chops, hotdogs and even chicken breasts were done in good time. By noon, everybody was lining up for a delicious and nutritionally balanced lunch of salad, bread and choice of meat.

After lunch, for about an hour, we played some games with a lot of laughter, participation and lots of pictures. The best part to me was for a lot of us, these were the moments we could forget the present and re-live the happy and innocent moments of the high school years.

With group pictures taken under the huge St Mark's alumni banner marked the end to another successful summer BBQ.

Hope to see everybody next summer BBQ !