Lantern Festival 2007

Frederick, Lee Sai-Tsang      íŽ58                Toronto

I thought lanterns were only used for lighting purposes until I went to see the Chinese Lantern Festival at Ontario Place in Toronto this year. This is the second year the Chinese displayed more than 40 huge, full size illuminated lanterns at the waterfront. The lanterns had themes from pandas to the first emperor of China with his Great Wall.

I wonder how they do it. Apparently master lantern makers from China were invited to Ontario Place three months before the opening to prepare this sparkling display of lanterns. The lanterns were made of wire frames with coloured silk cloth glued piece by piece onto the structure. Even during the day time it was a beautiful sight to see.

Besides lantern displays, there were concerts, dancing, and Chinese food catered by Mandarin restaurant. The hours were from six to ten but four hours was barely enough time to see the show. For merely $25, or $22 if you had some promotional coupon, I think it was worth every cent. If they are coming next year, watch for them.