Response To Mr. Whitney¡¦s Interview

Bruce Mak       ¡¦62                Vancouver, BC

Dear Mr. Whitney:

I read Tom Ng's interview with you (Part II) in the Winter #20 issue of the SMSAA (Ont.) Newsletter 2007. It is interesting that you can still remember details of our Exploration Club hikings.

I like to share with you my recollection of that missed ferry trip:

The Exploration Club hiking trip was to climb the Sharp Peak (Sai Kung East County).

The trip was joined by a group of girt students from another school (St. Stephen's?)

The trip started with ferry from Tai Po Kau to Chek Keng.

We walked from Chek Keng to Tai Long Sai Wan, Ham Tin Wan and Tai Wan.

We spent some time at Tung Wan to check the height of Sharp Peak (1535 ft) from the beach applying the survey method you taught us.

By the time we reached the top of Sharp Peak, most of the girls were exhausted and realized that we would miss the ferry back.

We decided that I would rush down to Chek Keng to catch the ferry and report to St. Mark's.

I made it on time and boarded the ferry.

The ferry was stopped by two sampans filled with your people in the middle of Chek Keng Hau (East Arm) near Wu Lei Kiu.

By then I noticed that you had managed to bring most of the hikers to the ferry but a few hikers who were trailing me to Chek Keng missed the ferry.

You and I returned to shore with the sampan and found the remaining hikers at Chek Keng.

We were able to find a local school for an overnight stay.

We had nothing to eat that night. The school warden found a can of Ovaltine and some salt for us but no sugar. That was the only time I had salty Ovaltine!

It's wonderful to be a St. Markan and at the same time as a member of the Exploration Club.

We wish you and your family Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Bruce and Carol

"Mr. Whitney - Overtime" - Final and most interesting part of the 3 interviews by Tom Ng